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How to help us to send your order as soon as possible

• Complete and valid payment information (orders paid by paypal)
• Complete shipping and billing address
• Reasons that do not present problems from a technical (for construction) and legal (copyright and content) point of view.

Shipping methods

Express Shipping: We use only courier shipping mode, when tracking is always available and shipping is guaranteed in 10 working days.

Payment methods available

PayPal: with the Paypal free payment service, you can pay quickly and easily. Only at the first use Paypal will ask you to enter your bank details, then you can make your payments in a few clicks. The data relating to your account or your credit card will not be forwarded to us and will remain confidential. By opting for this payment method, we will be able to immediately process your order. If you would like more information on how Paypal works, visit www.paypal.com.

Iame fair return policy

Our satisfaction guarantee
Every Iame Apparel article is something unique, something created just for you. This is what distinguishes us from traditional e-commerce sites, unlike which we can not postpone and then resell the goods that are sent back to us. Nevertheless, we would like you to be fully satisfied with your order. Therefore, whatever the reason for your complaint, you can avail yourself of ours

30-day warranty to change the goods
Change your goods within 30 days from the date of the order, whether the item is not good, whether you like it or if, for any reason, you are not satisfied. In any case, we offer you the following options:
• Change with new goods Change with a voucher for your next purchase
• Reimbursement of the purchase price if you did not customize the product you ordered
• Before returning the goods to us, please contact our customer service with the order number at hand.

In this way you can make a complaint

1. Take a test before ordering large quantities 
If you are going to place an order for yourself and your team but are not sure of the size, pattern or colors, order before the unprinted test items, so we will be able to change them without problems. It is also possible to change a single printed t-shirt to check the print quality, in case of non-approval, with a voucher or a new article. In this way, respect the environment and avoid unnecessary waste.

2. Check immediately if you received a confirmation e-mail
If you’ve made typos, or you’ve accidentally chosen a reason you do not like, click on the confirmation email link and cancel the ordered merchandise immediately before it goes to print. Then you can recall your order, modify it and send it again.

3. Consider a certain amount of time
True, we are quick to ship, but we can not assure you that you will receive the ordered goods tomorrow. Sometimes it may happen that a reason has a problem or that certain products are not in stock. We do not accept returns if the ordered goods do not arrive in time for a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a colleague’s farewell party. When ordering, however, you can choose to ship in express mode, so you’ll be sure the goods will arrive by a certain date. You can find all information on the right of withdrawal and the provisions on returning goods in our general terms and conditions.

Change or cancellation of an order

Every item ordered on Spreadshirt or on a Partner Shop is a unique item, specially printed by hand for you. For this reason, you can make any changes you want to an order already submitted, as long as this has not been taken over by our production. Once the order is complete, check it then quickly and let us know if there is still some change you wish to make, because we are super eager to get to work and we will start soon with the press. Once the order has been processed, it is no longer possible to proceed with the cancellation.

Change an order for registered customers
Log in to your Order Summary as soon as possible After logging in, you will find the Summary under Account Settings My Orders. If the order appears in the Summary with the status on hold or new, you can still proceed with the cancellation. You can then enter a new order that already contains the desired changes.

Change an order for guest users
If you have placed your order with the status of a guest, or skipping the registration, please open the email confirming your order. Inside you will find a link. Click it to access your current order. Again the same rule applies: if the order appears in the Summary with the status on hold or new, you can still proceed with the cancellation. You can then enter a new order that already contains the desired changes.